Genuine Turquoise 

Pendant Measures:

#1: 4cm x 2cm

#2: SOLD

#3: 3.1cm x 1.7cm

#4: 4.2cm x 2cm

#5: SOLD

#6: 4.7cm x 2.1cm

#7: 3cm x 2.1cm

#8: 3.9cm x 1.9cm

#9: 4cm x 2.3cm

#10: 2.7cm x 2cm

#11: 4.3cm x 2.2cm

#12: SOLD


Each piece has been melted down, hammered flat, shaped, hand stamped, filed and sanded. Many hours have gone into these solid heavier weight tags and those with stones are genuine turquoise. They can be added to a chain of your own, leather cord, keychain or dog collar.


*These pieces come without chains, if you're interested in a chain. Please send me a message via my Instagram DM.


***These pieces are made & ready to ship***



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