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I started my journey learning about the artistry of silversmithing in February of 2019 and knew instantly that it was me. 

Nothing beats the thrill of playing with fire on the daily or the mental challenge of creating a piece of art from raw materials.

I make what I can with the tools I’ve collected over the last couple of years. I use 100% recycled sterling silver purchased right here in Australia and I import genuine turquoise from the US of A + Mexico to create my goods. It all comes together in my lil’ mountain studio located in the Gold Coast Hinterland.

In my spare time you can find me chill’in with my besties. Who happen to be Kyle my hubby and Mercy + Tarot…who are our precious mini dachshunds. We spend a lot of time renovating our home, working on our Harleys… which seems to be never ending and going camping or adventuring when we can squeeze it in.

I take pride in my work. I’m a one women operated business as I created and manage my online shop, take all my own photos for it + the socials and as well as do all the bookkeeping.

Thanks for visiting my shop, I hope you find something you can’t live without.

- Kyrié Mather

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